Latest Update Distribution for "Elden Ring" PC-Fixed a defect that the controller is not recognized correctly under a specific environment

Bandai Namco Entertainment has started distribution "1.02.3" of the PC version "1.02.3" with the action RPG latest work " Elden Ring " to work by the From Software.

This update improves the stability of the gameplay. "In a specific environment, a correction of a defect that the controller connected to the PC is not correctly recognized" is performed. Whether the update has been applied can be confirmed from the version information at the bottom right of the title screen. In addition, the update information page also contains the contents of the troubleshooting of this work.

Elden Ring Seeing Problems on PC, Publisher Apologizes - IGN Daily Fix


  • Some of the equipment does not appear, if the loading occurs, if the loading does not end correctly, please refer to here and check if the game file is successfully installed.

  • If performance is significantly reduced, check if the video cable connected to the monitor is connected to the output terminal on the video card side.

It seems that there is a case where save data is currently not synchronized with the STEAM cloud and not properly synchronized with the PC version. As the official site also lists, please check the appropriate user.


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