Like The Last of Us: New Steam Game Delighted Survival

The Last of Us certainly belongs to the most outstanding rows of PlayStation consoles. So far, PC players still have to do without their own version. With rooted, a survival game appears on Steam, which could represent a promising alternative to the Sony games. The upcoming game is admired by the players above all for his optics.

"The Last of Us" alternative for the PC?

Since Sony refuses to spend the popular "The Last of Us" parts on the PC, players at Steam keep looking for good alternatives.

The in development Survival Game Rooted makes PC players just make big eyes. The coming game is based on the Unreal Engine 5 and enthuses in first teasers with a top graphic. Especially the post-pokalyptic environment should provide for "The Last of Us" comparisons.

For example, look at these impressive seasons change , which will present the developers of Headlight Studio on Twitter:

There are also more short clips, but we recommend you for the best quality the full video on the steam page of Rooted.

Players celebrate the survival game

On Twitter many players show up impressed, which can hardly expect the release of rooted. Unfortunately, you have to wait for a while. The developers reveal that the game is still in a very early development stage .

But a lot is already about the content of rooted to find. Both on Steam, as well as on Twitter, the makers already answer some questions. The following details are already known:

  • Open World in the PostaPokalypse
  • Platforms: Only PC, consoles could be added later
  • Singleplayer and online multiplayer
  • Typical survival features such as crafting and camping as well as new own mechanics, such as parkour elements
  • Day-night change with real-time rendering
  • Animals as companion or riding
  • Special individualization options, for example the attachment of objects at the backpack

If you want to stay informed about the entire development of Rooted, you can already put the Survival Game on your Steam wish list.

This NEW 'Last of Us' Inspired Survival Game just hit Steam! - Introducing Potentia

_Rooted has also been inspired by Survival Games like DayZ and SCUM. Both are among the toughest of the genre. Which still belongs, this picture section shows: _


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