LOL: The Quadrakill of Joshedod against TSM demonstrating the great state of the Argentine jungle

Competitive Circuit of League of Legends is increasingly hot with the regular league finals of most large leagues of each region with a last post of playoffs in lec still at stake between mad lions , Current Champion of Europe, and Team Vitality , one of the great favorites at the beginning of the competition to take the title and now it does not seem to be the main candidate.

But this time we will talk about another great western league that is also what to speak for good and evil: American LCS . While the LS output of cloud9 for strategic discrepancies was quite discussed, it is true that there is another club that has fallen in love with many who left aside the North American League after the departure of Nick de Cesare and that has a Latin American touch : Flyquest . The Green Club is giving very good results with josedeodo as one of the large protagonists with this type of plays:

The 15th minute came when TSM, after getting a dragon, wanted to cut the distances with a group fight on the river that seemed to be well at first. However, what appeared to be a good Teamfight for the historic franchise, ended up being a total annihilation by the Lee without Josedeodo. Using his Sonic Q-wave / resonant wave, he began reaching the rivals, which together with him and the shield of his W-safeguard, could end up quickly with the enemies along with him.

Thus, little by little and with an outstanding mechanical level, he finished up to four enemies and thus would get a direct pass to win the game, since the golden advantage began to be bigger. This type of plays shows us that, with a good team and a remarkable _early, read without you can decide games just if you know how to control it in the best possible way.


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