Medieval Grand Strategy "Crusader Kings III" Sales of 2 million Sales-PS5 / XSX

Paradox Interactive announced that sales of Grand Strategy " CRUSADER KINGS III " have brought over to 2 million **.

Overseas PS5 / Xbox Series X | S version is a real work that refers to the release of January 29, March 29 (DMM Games, January 30), but before it was 2020 9 The PC version released in the month achieved a large milestone called sales of 2 million sales. The period of one and a half is said to be the fastest in the company title.

In addition, we have also announced that sales have topped over 1 million for extended DLC "Royal Court" released in February.

Crusader Kings III - Release Date Trailer | PS5 "CRUSADER KINGS III" is distributed by Microsoft Store in STeam for Windows / Mac / Linux and PC Game PASS for Windows. Overseas PS5 / Xbox Series X | S Version is scheduled to be released on March 29, March 29, 2015, and Xbox Series X | S version for Xbox Series X | S version also for overseas It has been announced.


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