ROBLOX: How to get the pirate hat in Wacky Wizards

Although Wacky Wizards is not the most popular game in Roblox, it still has many devout followers. And if you really like the experience of preparing potions, you are likely to be obsessively collecting all the ingredients to help you prepare all the strange and wonderful potions that the game has to offer. Here is How to get the pirate hat on Wacky Wizards .

How to get the pirate hat in Wacky Wizards

  • Get the shovel of the shipwreck.

The first thing is the first thing, go to the water, immerse yourself and nothing down to discover a sunken pirate ship with the poster: «X marks the place near the Oz House». Take the shovel next to the poster and go to the OZ house.

  • Earlier the X behind Oz's house.

Behind the house of oz there is an X. walk to the place and excave a sign that says: 'Arrrr Matey! Look behind Goblin's stores! 'Obviously, it's time to go to Goblin stores.

  • Earlier the X behind the Goblin stores.

Behind the stores of the goblins, you will find another X. Excavate here and another land signal will appear that will say: «Ahoy, looks next to the lake».

  • Excava the X next to the lake.

When you arrive at the lake, behind him you will find another X. Cava here and you will see another indicator pole that says: 'Yarrrr! Next to the pyramid.

  • Excava the X next to the pyramid.

Once you reach the pyramid, look for the X point on the right side and excavate here as well. Yes, you guessed it, another signal will appear. This time he will say: 'The treasure is buried close to something thorny and green!'


  • Excava the X next to the cactus in the area of ​​the pyramid.

When leaving the pyramid area, you will notice a cactus with an X right next door. Excavate here and the Davy Jones locker will appear. Open the locker and ready! The pirate hat is yours!

What does the pirate hat do?

If you put the ingredient Pirate Hat on your cauldron, you will generate a davy Jones potion, which makes you a spooky version of the infamous pirate Davy Jones. Quite creepy, huh?

And that's all you need to know about * how to get the pirate hat ingredient * in the crazy magicians. If you wonder how to get the cane, the frog or the alien parasite, we also have guides covering that. And to get more information about the game, be sure to search devout followers with your next Google search.

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