So many players did not even defeat the first boss of Elden Ring

Many players currently claim that they are really good in the Action-RPG Elden Ring and even sashed. But as a Achievement list at Steam clearly shows, this does not apply to every1. A not exactly small part of the community has not even defeated the first boss.

So many players have defeated the first boss in elden ring

If you see the list with the achievements something more precisely, you will quickly realize that only 67.2 percent of the players have unlocked the success "Margit, the cruel times". You will receive this if you defeat the first boss called Margit . This monster guarded the entrance to the castle storm veil and is a tough chunk. From the statistics, in reverse, it turns out that about a third of the players could not conquer from Elden Ring this boss so far. It is only the first of many boss guns.

The first "fragment boss" is even less: just 55.5 percent Godrick could defeat the transplanted. The boss opponent Löwen-like Scheusal is even only 48.5 percent. All successes of ELDEN RING (Buy Now 53.98 € / 50.99 €) Unregorted so far only 0.5 percent of the players . However, this achievement also requires extremely much commitment, patience and time.

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Considerable services in Elden Ring


But even away from the classical statistics is always to see and hear amazing achievements around Elden Ring. So it has recently become a player to defeat E in Bossbegs with the controller of Ring Fit Adventure. Another player could defeat a boss with just a single spell. For the future, further actions of this kind are to be expected.

Source: Steam Achievements

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