Steam success: RPG

While Elden Ring still perches at the top of the Steam Topseller, a popular role-playing game sneaks with its newly presented DLC from below. After the recent presentation of Capcom the PC Players Monastery Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in masses in your shopping cart and help the extension for a long time before its release to a success on the game platform.

Steam charts: Monster Hunter Rise on the rise

If you are currently looking into the worldwide, but also in the German top sellers of Steam, you see Monster Hunter Rise in the double pack . On the one hand, there is a fat Capcom Sale, who has rinsed the main game into the sales charts. On the other hand, the new extension Sunbreak now finds its place (Source: Steam).

In a detailed LiveStream, CapCom had taken the new content more closely in the magnifying glass and finally called a concrete release date for the role-playing extension. Am 30. June 2022 is the time there and the fans can slaughter again in the usual manner monster.

You can watch the current trailer once here:

Sunbreak: already before release a hit

The Steam Success of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is particularly amazing, considering that the release is standing for three months . The anticipation of the fans seems very big and the Capcom event was probably very convincing.

What interesting information is there for you? If you should not break on the PC to the monster adventure, but you have a Nintendo Switch, you can test the main game for free until March 17 - assuming you has a membership of Nintendo Switch online.

_The main game monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch on Amazon also with a small discount: _

Monster Hunter Rise at Amazon

There are also free Ingame items in the main game **, which help you to catch up so that you will be prepared for the new expansion without long grinds.

Supraland Crash DLC - Steam Achievement - Top of the World

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