test Gran Turismo 7: Retro Feeling meets realism

In Gran Turismo 7, your demanding simulation race is experienced in returning career mode. Otherwise, the Real Driving Simulator commutes between retro and old baking, between realism and immersion loss. Convinced this complete work?

Table of contents

  • 1 Test Gran Turismo 7: Retro Feeling meets Realism Fahr
    • 1.1 Overview to Gran Turismo 7
    • 1.2 A cafe is the center of Gran Turismo 7
    • 1.3 Gran Turismo 7 motivated thanks to menus
    • 1.4 Gran Turismo 7 with a dusty presentation
    • 1.5 Classic GT career with new Collector Level
    • 1.6 Gran Turismo 7 is unbeatable on the track
    • 1.7 between realism and immersion loss
    • 1.8 The attention to detail, which goes down during the race
    • 1.9 Gran Turismo 7 is audiovisual only good
    • 1.10 For whom is Gran Turismo 7 and for whom not?
    • 1st1 rating of Jens-Magnus Krause

Overview to Gran Turismo 7

  • Career mode for single player returns
  • Simulation gameplay without re-spool function
  • Permanent internet connection necessary, also for career mode
  • 424 cars (GT5 had over 1,000)
  • 34 racetracks (real and fictitious)
  • 300 songs
  • Three KI levels of difficulty and various switchable driving aids

A cafe is the center of Gran Turismo 7

Five years after the pure multiplayer predecessor GT Sport, the PlayStation finally has her exclusive house brand racing game . With the publication of Gran Turismo 7 on PS4 and PS5, the series starts at the same time in the Next-Gen age.

With regard to the new generation, Gran Turismo 7 feels more classic and familiar as a single player while starting. That's because on time for the 25th birthday of the Real Driving Simulator the career mode returns nine years to Gran Turismo 6 .

The World Map , as in the GT mode, in your career is the central point of contact for everything. Here you take part in offline and online races, reach the tuning shop or can acquire new vehicles.

The center of the world map is the new Café. Especially new entrants are owner Luca stop and structure. He presents you in total 30 Menu Books , ie menus, on the always other treats.

Gran Turismo 7 motivated thanks to menus

With delicacies your career goals are meant. In most cases, it is important to unlock certain cars of an epoch, drive type or brand by completed races (at least three) or recovered championship (tournaments).

Or you have to assemble your first rear spoiler. Or one of the racing licenses by acquiring tests on the route to be completed.

This menu approach is a small but effective innovation . So you always have your current goal in mind and know which races your driving should be. This clear process creates motivation . After the motto: A race is still possible.

Less entertaining is the communication. No matter if the used car dealer or the café owner fully swapped: the communication runs in dröngen dialog boxes . These text increments are not retro, but altogether and a Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 unworthy.

Gran Turismo 7 - State of Play Deep Dive 4K | PS5, PS4

Gran Turismo 7 with a dusty presentation

Where the intro with car history and modern race events to guitar reefs between classic, retro and outdated wank the spark does not jump over at the menu.

Everything has a minimalist optics and is nevertheless nested. Even the cars are in the garage sober and emotionless. Your Avatar you see only with helmet, but is customizable, like your racing suit.

Nevertheless, the for Forza players is almost a cultural shock . The menu sounds and icons known from the predecessors and the intro music shortly before the race start can just go through fans just as an Old-School.

But the black transfers, ie mini-load times, If you select a menu item on the map, are minimally too long and not up to date.

Anyone who has not played the series longer is poigning the nose before this accumulated dust layer. This is no longer state-of-the-art. And the places nervous jazz gentle in the menu is also a hard case.

Classic GT career with new Collector Level

The course of your career is classic : You start with 20,000 credits and buys a Japanese compact car at the used car dealer. The game takes you to the hand.

The prize money from race is investing in tuning parts to bring the Performance Points rating upwards. This value indicates how strong your racing car is in relation to PS, aerodynamics and handling.

Later in the career there are races with recommended PP rating and other specifications, such as drive type or manufacturing country. On the game fun brake presses here that you spend too much time with slow and old carts at the beginning.

For each obtained or purchased car your Collector Level increases. This represents how many of the 424 cars have free. Rarer cars, for example from the Legend-Cars dealer , give you more points and thus faster level climbs.

You play over the café new routes and roulette tickets free. After activation latter you have the chance of a car, tuning parts or cash prizes via random generator.

Gran Turismo 7 is unbeatable on the track

On the 34 real and fictitious routes is one thing: the driving feeling is the best , which has ever experienced in a racing game. If only that was crucial for this test, the rating in the high 90s area would be.

Particularly fascinating is the precise control , especially with the controller. The steering of the cars feels butter soft and outbreaks can be intercepted. And where you often land in the rear F1 2021 in the rear of the back man, you can avoid rear-end collisions here.

So you have the greatest joy with Gran Turismo 7 on the track . Especially when you approach an opponent in the slippers, put you in front of a curve next to him, delayed brakes and passes.

It is also exciting that your opponents block overhole options and there is no rubber band effect . It would be even better if the Ki of your seven to 15 opponents even push more driving errors. And if there was a fourth degree of difficulty in order to demand GT full professionals.

Between realism and immersion loss

For a authentic driving feel ensures your DualSense Controller on the PS5. Each car feels a pressure on the L2 and R2 keys differently, they represent the brake and accelerator pedal.

If you brake heavily, You can feel the triggering ABS stutter on the shoulder buttons . Drive her over the stretch joints of a bridge, it feels like in your real car. Even if your car slides on the front axle, you feel that and can counteract with brakes.

The different substrates are less significantly perceptible than in the Jump'n'Run Ratchet & Clank. By the way, there are no rewind function . This is annoying for beginners, but for the realism claim of the game just right.

Despite all the features it comes to Immersion losses . If your head taught into a gang, your car has only scratches in the bumper area. And if your opponent uses in curves as a band, there is no penalty. That disturbs the race feeling very much.

The attention to detail that goes down during the race

The simulation approach concerns not only the driving behavior, but also the drum. During the race, it comes to selected routes Dynamic weather and daytime changes . That feels alive and real. Especially when after the rain first dries the lane and then only the remaining asphalt.

Your Multifunction display If you wish you can view the weather conditions during the race, the route or the adjustable brake balance.

With all this, the developers always prove attention to detail. However, you have to say: While completing your race, you do not get much with a correctly pictured starry sky.

For beginners, the switchable driving aids are offered during the race. So you can see when and how long your brakes should be. The problem of it: partially these dynamic zones appear too early, too late or not at all. This is still immainted because too arbitrary.

Gran Turismo 7 is audiovisual only good

Visually, Gran Turismo 7 runs a slope. Because the ** surrounding graphic looks to blurred compared to the car models. Trees and spectators hardly move. For this purpose, the rayTracing mode runs almost constant compared to frame rate mode and offers beautiful reflections and shadow throws.

Acoustically the engine noise creates core, but are not so present as for Forza. The 3D audio sounds full and you can do opponents behind you, but it does not arise the impression that your engine is located in front of you or the rain comes from above.

In addition to the career races, there are still challenges, the competitive online mode GT Sport and a casual multiplayer, as well as a local split screen for two players.

At the Music Rally " you have to drive as many kilometers as possible at runtime of a piece of music against the clock. Checkpoints give you 30 seconds time. A nice time-Attack mode, but not more.

For whom is Gran Turismo 7 and for whom not?

Here we would like to give you a shortness of you, whether Gran Turismo 7 is worth it for you, or not.

You will have fun with Gran Turismo 7, if...

  • her on simulation race departure
  • Do you want to feel your race car at the controller
  • I missed the career mode
  • You are looking for an online racing game with sporty fair opponents

Not very suitable is Gran Turismo 7 for you, if...

  • Your Arcade RennAction is looking for
  • You expect a modern presentation
  • You do not feel like being often with old cars
  • Would you like to access numerous game modes

Review of Jens-Magnus Krause

You know that: the first impression is crucial. And he disappointed me at Gran Turismo 7. Because I tuck at the Music Rally with the Porsche 356 Speedster with a yawning top speed of 150 km / h rum and a classical medley harasses me acoustically. What a unfortunate entry! Everything that makes fun of the game does not appear here.

Fortunately, Gran Turismo 7 is the exception of the rule. Despite the minimalist menu, which commutes between retro and old baking, the second impression is more crucial. So I mean the heart of this game: racing in its purest form.

In my 25 years racing player experience I have not experienced a game, which depicts the driving behavior including precise steering so perfectly. And where to make tactical overtaking maneuvers so much.

Also, the return of the career has talked well over the 30 menus. I always knew what to do. And always wanted to tackle the next chapter. Thereafter, the offline career is honestable. I am looking forward to the competitive and fairly designed with each other in GT sport mode.


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