Apex Legends: Newcastle, a new legend who knows how to defend

As usual in the days that precede the launch of the next big chapter of APEX LEGENDS, it is by a kinematics that the presentation of the themes begins and especially the next character who will throw himself into the arena of the legends.

Called rescue, pochaine update of Apex Legends will be available on May 10 on all platforms and will allow Newcastle to feel, defender at heart as evidenced by his desire to protect his teammates with his shield, and Not just her little sister Bangalore. This cutscene features the newcomer, Jackson of his real name, while he plunges into the fray when a monstrous beast attacks the exotic environment of the storm z1. The update site suggests a transformation of the treasure hunting card in carcasses of old creatures. There is also a change in the game classified in order to honor the values of Newcastle since the new classification system will enhance teamwork.



Apex Legends - Kinematic trailer for the "Rescue" update


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