Arceus Tips - Who Man Heatran, Regigigigas, Crosslia And Sharaymin ends

Another set of missions in the "Plate" style in Pokemon Legends: Arceus involves capturing people like Heatran, Shiigigas and Cresselia. Let's go through the steps to finding each individual, starting with Heatran. As part of the mission "The Plate of the Firespit Island" you will of course travel to Firespit Island. As soon as you have reached the volcano, go inside and you will face Heatran.

The fight does not start immediately. First, you have to remove Heatrans shield - you can do this by throwing mud balls thereafter (which exist throughout the arena). Start the fight after the shield has dropped out. Heatran is Level 70 and has skills like Iron Head, Crunch, Earth Power and Magma Storm. Bring water, floor and combat pokemon to submit it.

How to catch Sichigigas

The next mission is "the plate of the Snowpoint Temple", which is about to travel to the Snowpoint Temple. Vetnrue in the basement and use the iron plate, the icicible plate and the stone plate to open the door. Shorigigas will wait for the fight. It is Level 70 and has skills such as Zen Headbutt, Iron Head, Crush Grip and Giga Impact. It's just weak for Fighting Pokemon, so bring a couple with.

How to catch Cresselia

How To Get HEATRAN, CRESSELIA, and REGIGIGAS in Pokemon Legends Arceus! Legendary Encounter GAMEPLAY

Cresselia is part of the "The Plate of the Moonbreak Arena" mission, which is available again after the main history is completed. If you have received the mission, go to Moonbreak Arena. You will meet Melli asking for your help. Go on and fight against Cresselia. It is level 70 and has skills such as recovery, clairvoyant, lunar gogules and MONDEXPLOSION. As a pokémon of the Psycho type, it is weak against bug, ghost and dark-pokémon.


Unlike the above, Shayman can be obtained from those who have stored data for Pokemon Sword and Shield. You will receive the request "a sign of gratitude" and must meet with Medi in the camp. After you have received a Gracidea, travel to the Floaro gardens. Medi then appears and calls Shaymin. It is on stage 70 and has skills like recover, Energy Ball, Earth Power and Seed Flare. Since it is a types of planes, flight, poison, beetle, fire and ice cream pokémon are most effective.


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