Diablo 4: QuarterUpdate 30.3.2022

Writing the Blizzard developers over this video (excerpt from the blog):

Brian Fletcher : This graphic template is an example of "back to the darkness". We would like to lead you deep under the earth in the darkest angles of Sanktuario, where a mysterious (and disgusting) corruption has taken foot. This ancient temple is ideal for a classic horror atmosphere. The fixed camera is one of our best aids because we can place in the foreground thanks to its assets without obscuring the playable area. We always know exactly what you see, so we can customize the arrangements, view axes and elements in the foreground so that they give a nice overall picture. The spider legs are placed at specific positions so that their disturbing outlines can twitch in the background. We also receive some great graphics templates from the Dungeon designers with whom we can give more depth to all scenes. You should be given to the impression that this dungeon is endless and watch only a small part of the huge underground labyrinth.

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Chaz Head : The team for props and interactive objects wants to maintain the secretiveness described by Brian and the horror. You should be to be Mulmig and you should be rewarded for your courage if you attend you. Nothing here should give the feeling, it would have been made by the residents of the surface in Sanctuario. We were able to focus on another shape language - monolithic and corrupt. This is not a place you want to explore alone!

Ben Hutchings : This is a perfect example of our concept "Back to the darkness" of DIBOLO IV. We want to divide you subtle through the dungeon and gradually revealed in incredible grotesque shapes. For dungeons like these we want to frame the playable area and give the scene extent and depth. So you can better find yourself and we can show how scary is great this area.

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