How to get a gladiator in the simulator of the protection of the Roblox tower

The gladiator is one of the most popular towers in Roblox Tower Defense due to very high damage and low base price. The tower was an exclusive object, which was first available during the limited period during the SFOTH event in 2019. Later, the character was again indicated in the store during the sale on the day of memory and on Black Friday in 2021. Studying previous release models and constant demand for unit from the community, you can expect a gladiator tower inside a game store in May. 30 2022 . However, we will need to wait for official confirmation from the developers.

All the characteristics and ability of the gladiator in the simulator of the RobLox tower protection

Gladiator Level 1 - Warrior Book

Price: * 250 dollars Damage *: +1

Gladiator Level 2 - Power of danger

How to get gladiator on tds Price *: $ 500 Damage: +2 perks : Hidden detection

Gladiator Level 3 - DANGATORY

Price *: $ 1500 Damage : +5 Perki : The ability to call a warrior

Gladiator level 4 - Illumi

Price *: $ 2500 Damage : +15 perki : Less turning speed (0.758)

Gladiator Level 5 - Swordsmen of the Dark Heart

Price *: $ 6,000 Damage : +15 range : +1 * perks : less rotation speed (0.5)

If the tower becomes available on the day of the commemoration, you can expect that it will become an exclusive game object that will be sold for 500 Robax .

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