LOL: What is the simplest champion of the game? This is the response of the community

One of the most critical elements of the design of the new champions of League of Legends is the fact that they are overloaded. As a general rule, they have the most spectacular skills that allow them to do too many things. Viego, Gwen or Apalelios are able to carry out a multitude of tasks for the simple fact that they have too many tools in their kit. An increase in complexity that has led the community to think about the opposite pole and wondering which of all the heroes available in the title is the simplest, a circumstance that is also too negative.

The simplest champion of all League of Legends

There were several candidates to be considered too simple champions, but SIVIR was the character that most times mentioned the community . Although he has not been the hero with fewer changes in him, he is quite close to being one of the most static in history. A problem that is accompanied by one of the simplest and least inspired skill kits of the game. It is not that he was not well at the time of launching since he had interesting unique mechanics, but the lack of updates has left her very behind the rest of the characters.

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Before continuing, it is necessary to clarify that a simple character should not necessarily be bad and SIVIR is not at all . Although he does not go through his best moment, he became one of the most feared characters of League of Legends thanks to him's ability to dominate the game when he has enough damage. However, the only function of it is to inflict damage. He does not have jumps, adversaries control effects and his abilities have been outdated in every way. Everything in it is summarized to the statistical improvements that Riot Games can perform.

If we serve the details of the skill kit of it, there is nothing unique. Its q (blade knife) is very similar to spells like those of Akshan, Zed or Ahri and W (Ricochet) is the unique feature of it, but it is programmed very strangely and not even Apply effects such as dark harvest. Returning to the monotony, shield is nothing more than a tool very similar to that of nocturne or that offered some objects and definitive is only an improved version of the shurely. We insist that it is a powerful set, but there is nothing unique that has not been introduced several times in League of Legends from the departure of it.

In this sense, many players have considered SIVIR as one of the large covered in Riot Games ReWorks surveys. It is true that the developer has great emergencies in terms of renovation of champions and SIVIR, at least, remains relatively popular and having the moments of him. However, he is one of the champions whose worst design has resisted the passage of time. In the end, almost 12 years have passed since its premiere without receiving great changes while everything was transformed around.

Fortunately, It seems that Riot Games does not have the all forgotten champion . The leaks point down that she could soon receive her first legendary skin. It is not enough for SIVIR players to be satisfied with the state of it at the Modern League of Legends, but at least serve as indicative that developers still remember that it exists for positive things.


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