PC version is no representation regulation! "The House of the Dead: Remake" PC / PS4 / XB1

Forever Entertainment is a masterpiece gunshew remake " The House of the Dead: Remake ( The House of the Dead: Remake ) is also distributed for PC / PS4 / Xbox One / Stadia Presented to do.

This work is an arcade game that plays a gun type controller "The House of the Dead" first remake version of the first work. The character is called a rail shirt that the character moves automatically along the route, and the player shoots the enemy according to the situation.

The original is a particularly popular series in the genre called gunshuting game, and a large number of sequel and spin-off were produced. The remake version has been created by the Forever Entertainment from Sega, and the Nintendose switch has been delivered on April 7.

The House of the Dead: Remake Review And today, more than one release of the platform is decided. Pc (steam / gg.com) / PS4 / Xbox One / Stadia is scheduled to be delivered on April 28. The price of the PC version is the same as 2,599 yen as the switch version, and it is also revealed that it will be 10% discount for a week after release.

The switch version was for the convenience of rating, and the scientist, which is a friend character placed on the stage, is not shot, but there was no difference judgment despite the absence of zombies, but the STEAM version There is no representation regulation.

"The House of the Dead: Remake" is delivered for the Nintendose switch. PC (steam / gg.com) / PS4 / Xbox One / STADIA version is scheduled to be delivered on April 28.


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