The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles exceeds 500 thousand units sold

The ACE ATORRNEY franchise definitely has an important basis of fans, but it is also a fact that compared to other properties of Capcom , this is not the most popular out there. However, it seems that the world market received a very good way to _ The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, _ Title that has already exceeded the half million units sold.

The news was confirmed through the official game account at Twitter with the following message:

"Yes! The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles already sold more than 500 thousand copies worldwide. Thanks to all our passionate fans who have made this game a great success. "

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Walkthrough Gameplay Part 7 - Case 7 (PC)

Obviously, fans of the franchise did not hesitate a second to enter this game once it came to the market, but the new players should not have much trouble understanding the saga. We tell you more about this in our written review.

Editor's note: Now who knows how much longer you have to pass so that Capcom surprises us with a new delivery of this series. Surely they have other priorities, but it is a fact that Ace Attorney's saga will not disappear.


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