Websen union strikes have a parliamentary and meeting… Review of participation when we come to Webzen

[Labor Park Ye -jin reporter] The domestic game industry, which was the first to strike the strike, suspended the strike by accepting the National Assembly's request for mediation.

The Webzen Branch was scheduled to hold a rally on May 2 and entered the strike, but decided to hold a meeting of the National Assembly Arbitration. The union explained, "Once the strike starts, mediation is not meaningful, so I agree to solve it as much as possible."

Roh Young -ho, chairman of the National Chemical Fiber Food Industry Labor Union Chairman Webzenji, issued a statement on the 28th and said, “We will hold a meeting meeting on the 2nd by co -hosted by the National Assembly's Culture Sports and Tourism Committee Lee Sang -heon and the Roh Woong -rae, the Roh Woong -rae.” "We decided to suspend the action of disputes to review the meeting proposed by the National Assembly."

The proposal for the meeting was reported to have been made by contacting the IT Commission side to directly mediate labor -management conflicts in Lee Sang -heon. It seems that the two councilors of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee and the Environmental Labor Commission, which are in charge of the game and labor, and the environmental labor committee. At the meeting, the two sides will be attended by Oh Se -yoon, chairman of the IT Committee, and Nexon, chairman of the IT Committee.

Lee Sang -heon also made an arbitration proposal to the company, but Webzen was found to have refused because it was burdensome. Webzen said, "The parliamentary office has made several arbitration proposals, and the company has enough willingness to talk." "The Ministry of Employment and Labor also had a mediation proposal, so I refused the arbitration of the parliamentary office."

Sacramento County employees threaten 1st strike in over a decade The union revealed that the company refused to arbitrate the parliamentary office. Roh Young -ho, chairman of Webzenji, said, "It is actually the last chance before the strike, but it doesn't make sense."

As there is such a noise between labor and management, it is expected that the two sides will be resumed. The council and Webzen branch plans to draw the dialogue through the negotiation table until the meeting schedule. However, the meeting schedule has not yet been set. The Webzen Branch, IT Committee, and Councilors will discuss future plans and meeting schedules at the scheduled meeting on the 2nd. An official of Webzen said, "If the meeting is formally comes, we will consider whether to participate."

Earlier, the Webzen Branch predicted the first strike in the game industry. The Webzen Branch held a strike and voted for a member of the union last month, and decided to act as a 92.8%turnout and more than two -thirds of the votes.

Webzen Branch 'Webzen Wed' was formed in April last year as a union led by employees who judged that only minority employees were attracted only to minority employees. The union demanded the company to raise a annual salary of 10 million won, but did not narrow the disagreement. The Webzen Branch made a compromise of an average annual increase of 16% and a lump sum of 2 million won in March of this year, but the company broke down by offering a 10% increase and a 2 million won for employees of more than B grade B.


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