A new leak on APEX Legends Mobile reveals the ability of an exclusive legend of Faid

Very soon, the global release of Apex Legends Mobile, a mobile port of the popular royal battle for large platforms, will take place. One of the features of this version will be a new exclusive hero called FADE, about which the Respawn Entertainment developer did not reveal any details. However, a new video has already appeared on the network, revealing the abilities and animation of this legend.

Fade Ability Leak and Select Animation fromlegendsmobile

They were shared by the Urtruenonly user in Sabredite Apex Legends Mobile. This short video shows the features of Faid's skills. The first, passive, allows you to briefly increase the speed of movement after slipping. The second, tactical, can return the hero to the place where he was recently. And the third, ultimate, sends all the legends located within the radius of the abandoned special object to the "void".

FADE Mobile exclusive legend officially revealed? abilities explained | Apex legends mobile

The global release of the APEX Legends Mobile will take place tomorrow, May 17, on the mobile platforms of Android and iOS.

Update : Respawn Entertainment released a new trailer on the eve of the global start, in which Faid showed, and the IGN portal presented 18 minutes of gameplay on a new exclusive legend.


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