Fortuna coach Thioune: Passion was the top shelf

"In the first 25, 30 minutes it was exactly what we wanted," said Daniel Thioune, the chief coach of Fortuna Düsseldorf. In the 2-1 victory against promotion aspirant Darmstadt, the initial phase with two quick goals by Emmanuel Iyoha (3rd) and Matthias Zimmermann (10th) was fundamental for the three points, which in the further course of the game is not always too safe on the part of the Düsseldorfer lie.

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"Darmstadt pressed in the second half and deservedly came to the connecting goal. We didn't take offensive," said the 47-year-old. However, Darmstadt should not succeed more than the hit by penalty (60th) and so the two early goals and a combative performance were enough to win Düsseldorf. "Our passion today was the top shelf," said Düsseldorf coach his team.

iyoha meets for the first time for Düsseldorf: "An indescribable feeling"

With the praise he did not stop at the opponent from Darmstadt: "I am one of those who keep their fingers crossed for the Darmstadt. They play a brutally horny season. If a team deserves to leave the league up, then then Darmstadt. I hope that we will not see each other again next season, "said Thioune. Not quite as detailed, but similarly in the content of his players, his players commented on the game: Felix Klaus spoke of a "brutal team that physically demanded everything" and Zimmermann said: "Darmstadt plays an outstanding season and the game can also 2 : 2 go out. "

First half "world class" (Klaus), second half passion and a very good opponent from Darmstadt - until here everyone agreed in Düsseldorf. But at least in one point Iyoha had a emotional world exclusively for herself: the 24-year-old scored for the first time in a competitive game for Fortuna: "This goal was an indescribable feeling! I can't believe that it took it so long, But finally I scored my first goal for the Fortuna - for my youth club. " When the offensive player then spoke of the "perfect Friday evening", he sounded similar again to his colleagues.


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