Hoffenheim: A trail leads to Breitenreiter

It was not a long -handed action. The separation of head coach Sebastian Hoeneß (40) announced last Tuesday was the result of a short -term dynamic of the sobering seasonal final and his processing. Therefore, it cannot be surprised that the TSG will take some time to find and sign the next head coach of the TSG. In view of the coaching market that has become considerable, speculation about possible candidates at the affected locations also rotate with a high frequency, but often low substance.

In this case, however, the indications are condensed that at least a contact has occurred. Accordingly, Hoffenheim deals with André Breitenreiter and has already contacted the 48-year-old, who led FC Zurich to the championship in Switzerland. In the course of this success, Breitenreiter stands against FC Luzern in view of the celebrations around the final matchday on Sunday. Therefore, no spontaneous decision can be expected.

transfer payment probably under one million

Offiziell: Sebastian Hoeneß bei der TSG Hoffenheim entlassen

Especially since Breitenreiter is also contractually bound in Switzerland for another season. However, this should not prevent a return to the Bundesliga because of a comparatively manageable size if both parties consider themselves irresistible. In any case, a transfer is likely to be clearly below the million limit.

Breitenreiter had hired in Zurich last summer after a two-and-a-half year work break and even led the last year to the title. The former striker of Unterhaching, Wolfsburg, HSV and Hanover had already celebrated success in Germany. Breitenreiter led the SC Paderborn to the Bundesliga for the first time in 2014. After a guest performance on Schalke (5th place), Breitenreiter also rose to the Bundesliga with Hanover 2017, held the class, but was released in January 2019. It was only at this season that he had jumped back onto the carousel and immediately got his first championship title.

Now it remains to be seen whether the Hoffenheim efforts focus on these candidates and intensify around Breitenreiter's triumphal weekend.


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