How and where to play Absurdle?

Since Wordle has become a popular trend, many new words have appeared to challenge players. ABSURDLE hopes to attract the attention of Wordle by throwing the players with a completely new challenge. In general, ABSURDLE is a much more complicated game in which you cannot get help.

ABSURDLE is a browser game that you can play again and again. Do not have a daily discharge on which you can play The game mixes words from five letters every time you try to play, and you have an infinite number of attempts to get the right reward. Since the game is random, you cannot find a daily answer to Google or get help.

If you guess the letter correctly, it will be green if it is in the right place. If this is the right letter in a wrong place, it will become yellow, and if it is not in the word at all, it will be highlighted in gray on the keyboard.

How to play Absurdle - Wordle's Evil Twin You also have options, such as a refusal to sent out or search for an accidental word on the site, if you have the end of ideas. If you want Wordle to be played for hours, or just want to challenge, then Absurden is what you need. In this game, you can even use names in this game, so you can open a dictionary.

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