LOL: Furious Gaming keeps the undefeated on day 7 of the Honor League

One more week in the Honor League they place all the teams at key points to seek to take the front inside the table, with the dominant skull team within the competition and with a tremendous streak in the Chilean League, all the teams continue Showing a tremendous level but only one is the one that follows at the tip, the games yesterday left a great impact.

The first meeting was Santiago Wanderers against Rebirth Esports, the game seemed quite even but ** The rain of Icatia, the meeting would end up being finished in favor of the Renaissance team getting one more point.

The second game would be among Newstar against Dark Horse with a tristana in the hands of ISO that played very aggressively inside the lower lane taking large amounts of gold that gave it early objects to be able to create ravages, the game painted good way for the stars due to the composition they handled to gradually fall to the cavalry, obtaining the victory.

During the third game we see eSports crusaders against Wolf Club Esports taking arms for the CE team with a gallium in the hands of Rodnaldhino that would arrive with the heroic entrance to reach the team fights making their Rivals and supported by their team managed to get ahead in team fights to get a very favorable victory.

The fourth game put Meta Gaming against Furious Gaming with a team from the skull that comes unstoppable now took an akali in the hands of Brayaron that he would use his mastery with the Ninja to leave his rival without so many possibilities, in The team fights The damage of the upper lane erased its rivals generating tremendous pressure that would make the FG team take a victory.

To close the day Movistar Optique would fight with Maze Gaming where Tierwulf would be present with his wukong in the different lanes, managing to generate pressure and advantage that gave enough resources to the Mox team to get ahead during the match, leaving the favorable situation and put aside rivals to throw the link thus achieving a tremendous victory.


The day seven ends in the Chilean League, with a skull team that continues without knowing the defeat, the action of the teams leaves many expectations for the following dates with a table that can still move quite a lot will have to be See what teams do to stop the FG reign.


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