Publisher MMORPG Perfect World revealed the details of the new dungeon

My.gakes, responsible for the publication in the Russian Federation and the CIS MMORPG Perfect World, told the details about the Ostrov Knights Dungeon, which will be added along with the nearest major update of the game.

ULTIMATE HOMESTEAD GUIDE! SECRET FENG SHUI AURA! GEOMANCY! FORTUNE EQUIPMENT! PERFECT WORLD MOBILE The plot will tell you about the confrontation between the league of seven murders and the islands of wandering knights. Great heroes once gathered on an unknown island, where they decided to devote their lives to constant training and help to the inhabitants of the ideal world. So this land was called the island of wandering knights.

Only the characters of the hundredth -level and above, the two rebirths and have reached the first level of the sky of equality, can get to it. And it is necessary to master a number of complex disciplines in order to cope with the guardians of the island. The reward will be sets of third -level runes and other resources of the “relic” category. A random rune of the seventh level is guaranteed to fall from the final boss.


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