Riot wants you to signal more cheaters in Valorant

Online games are riddled with cheaters today, so companies are turning to their anti-triche software to take care of their business. But game developers always need the help of their community. Riot Games' anti-triche manager, Paul Chamberlain, has provided an update of his anti-triche system on the Valorant website, suggesting that players are starting to report more often.

Although the Vanguard system does its best to monitor the gameplay and find those who play suspiciously, it always depends strongly on the players who signal other players. Chamberlain explained the functioning of Vanguard and how the company finds players to ban, and how you can help.

How does Vanguard Anti-Tiche work

Riot's anti-tricke system examines the reports that players receive and decides whether it is worth a manual or automatic examination process. This means that what some can consider as an anti-cheat system preventing cheaters from connecting themselves, also depends on players who manually signal suspicious activities.

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Vanguard examines the number of reports that a player receives unique players, as well as the number of different games in which a player receives a report. This removes cases where only one player gets angry against another who is more skillful than them and signals it for cheating. The system will ensure that it only looks at the players who receive several reports in different games, indicating a real probable cheater.

Manual revisions take place daily, Riot distinguishing the most reported players from the day before. The more manual reports and revisions, the more the tips that Riot can find and archive are undetectable, which makes them detectable in the future. Chamberlain also notes that "prohibition waves" are often used so that developers of various tips do not know if their tips have been made detectable or not.

Facts on reported players

According to the team of data specialists from Chamberlain and Riot, 97% of players have never been reported only once. Eighty percent of the players who received a report were only reported by a single other player, 90% being reported by less than three players. When dust falls back, 0.3% of players have never received more than 3 reports in Valorant.

Riot says that this is certainly not a direct indication of the number of cheaters, but rather the lack of reports placed in the game. "Only 53% of prohibited cheaters were reported before their ban and only 60% of players with 20 reports are banished after examination, ”says the message.

What Riot expects from you

Report anyone who, in your opinion, plays suspiciously. Riot has enough layers in place to check, reveal and check three times if a player is a real cheater or not. If you see someone who could cheat and you are not sure, there is not much trouble submitting a report. Riot will examine their information, check Vanguard to see what he has determined and will act if necessary.


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