Siler borders: SEGA working hard to improve the quality of the game before launch

After the theatrical success of Ssic the hedgehog 2 Fans of Sega's blurred are curious to see if their next great video game will have the same success.Sonic_fronteras_ is scheduled to launch at the end of this year, and Sega seems very aware of anticipation. During a question and answers session after the fiscal year of Sega Sammyse he asked the company about Fronteras Sonic, and if the game scores in Metacritic are a concern. Sega revealed that it has "internal objectives" in terms of review scores and that the company is working hard on the quality of the game.

«We have established internal objectives, since the correlation between the scores of external evaluation organizations and sales is high in Europe and North America. If the game obtains a high score, it can become a must -buy purchase game and possibly generate synergy with sales, so we are currently working hard to improve the quality of the game towards its sales for the Christmas season ».

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It is important to remember that the quality of a game is subjective, and not all players will agree with the critical consensus. In the case of Sonic, the character appeared in many games that obtained lower review scores, despite the strong comments of the fan base. Of course, both fans and critics were less than satisfied with 2017.Sonic affeces In fact, the launch of the game was scheduled for 2021, but was delayed so that Sega could "improve quality."

The launch of Sonic Origins Hopefully,Sonic Fronteras_ will end the year with a solid note when it is launched in Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. Meanwhile, you can consult our coverage of everything related to Sonic here.

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