The live -action drama version "Fallout" started shooting from late June, or the code name "HONDO" in recruitment information has also emerged.

Some overseas media have reported that the shooting of the live -action drama version " Fallout " may start in late June.

This is revealed from the information posted by the US stunt actor recruitment site "", and on the site, the "Fallout" drama version, which comes with a code name called "HONDO". Stant jobs are open to the public. The shooting start date indicates "June 20, 2022", and in the outline of the program, "The future that American people imagined in the late 1940s was due to nuclear wars in 2077. It was blasted. " You can also see the name of John Papsidera, who was related to the director Jonathan Nolan, the game version of Todd Howard, and the casting director, Venom (2018).

"HONDO" is also considered to refer to the name of the western drama movie "Hondo" produced in 1953 and the name of the Texas Medina group. Texas is also related to the "Brothers Hood of Steel" that appears in the "Fallout" game, so it seems to be related to the story that has been told in the series.

The drama version "Fallout" will be distributed on Amazon Prime Video.


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