The story was completed in the mode, released on the 13th of 'The Pogaton City'

H2 Interactive is an adventure game developed by Modern Storyteller and published by Plug in Digital, 'The Forgotten City' Korean version on May 13 PC, PS4, PS5 It will be officially released.

`` The Pogaton City '' is a mystery adventure game full of exploration and reasoning, and reinterprets the original mode of Skyrim, which was awarded the artist union award and recorded more than 3 million downloads, and received the praise of the players and critics. am.

Friday the 13th: The Game • Now to unlock Kay-Em 14 • Unreleased counselor Kay-Em 14 • Dialogue

Battle is only an option, but violence is not the only good. You will be able to interrogate the various characters in the city, use the time loop wisely, and solve this huge mystery only when you make the right choice in the demanding moral dilemma. Each decision you make is important. The fate of the city is in your hands.

■ Major game features \ -This exploration of the open world where you can experience the rare arts, architecture, doubles, and customs of ancient Rome after expert's testimony. \ -The exciting rhetoric drama unfolds on a nonlinear story line with various endings \ -In the life and daily life of characters who can interact with in-depth, in-depth details of rich details - Facing a moral dilemma with the question of 'living or dying' \ -The play character's gender, origin, and background are selected and played \ -Use reason, fascinating, bribery, threats, violence, or use the time loop wisely to solve the problem \ -PS4 and PS5 support cross purchases, so that you can enjoy it for free even in other models when purchasing one model.


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