What is Elden Ring randomizer? Various types and methods of loading

Elden Ring is definitely full of content. He has an extensive card with the clocks and hours of battles in which you can take part; But for players who do this constantly, some things can become a little predictable. But do not be afraid, as the modding community supported you and presented the randomizer for Elden Ring!

The randomizer is a mod for nonsense from Lukeyui, which allows you to randomize the parameters of the game, as well as create a lottery for objects obtained both as a result of clashes with enemies and in ordinary findings, such as chests. He randomizes all 2886 enemy objects (production tables) and 4039 items on the map to give you a new experience when you play the game again.

Elden Ring Item and Param Randomizer

Just as a rejection of responsibility: this mod has not yet officially released and is still in beta-mode. If you have any problems during its use, for example, program blocking during the game, be sure to contact the creator of the fashion.

ELDEN RING | Item Randomizer / Use What You See Run (Pt. 1)

There are different ways to use a randomizer mod.

  • The first way is to randomize enemies and extraction objects throughout the game, so that you do not know what you are going to collect after victory over enemies and bosses. It also randomizes the objects that have fallen as a player.
  • The second method is to randomize game parameters, which leads to an unexpected change in the conditions of the game. This will be applicable to things such as the weather and shells. In one minute, the sky can be clear, and in the next you can dodge the shells in the pouring rain.
  • The third way is to use the function of auto -elect. Using this, he automatically equips the items that you have just raised, and will appoint them to the correct corresponding slot. This eliminates you to do it manually, but also makes your subject more accidental.

How to install an Elden Ring randomizer

Here's what you need to know and do to install and run the randomizer:

  • Go to Lukeyui Nexusmods page Click on files * tab above

Click on manual download and download the file (most likely it will get into your download folder) * After downloading, place the resulting files in the Elden Ring folder. A tree to search for this folder will most likely look like this: C:/Program Files/Steamapps/Common/Eldenring/Game * Note: If you have saved the game on a separate disk, you will need to find it where you placed it, that is, in a place that is different from your disk C. If you want to start the game, use launch_elden_ring_item_randomiser.exe launcher, which you placed in the game folder

When using this mod, remember that you must use it in autonomous mode . This is so that he can bypass anti-cheat software encoded in the game Fromsoftware. If you try to launch it online, you will get forbidden as it will be considered as an attempt to deceive during the game.

The mod itself will automatically create a separate conservation file so that your initial game progress does not accidentally coincide with a randomized version of the game from mod. This is done so that your conservations do not load on the servers from Fromsoftware with all your randomized content.

The suffix of the file for your conservation will be . RD2 instead of . SL2 So you can determine the difference between the initial passage and a randomized passage.

Finally, if you want to transfer the initial number (for example, re -randomize your game), just delete randomiser_seed.txt in the Item Randomizer folder, and you will get a fresh set of randomized objects when starting the next session.

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