79%of people working in the video game industry agree with the formation of union -revealed in the latest survey results

The Uni Global Union has revealed in the latest surveys that about 79%of the people working in the video game industry are in favor of the formation of unions.


The survey was conducted in collaboration with the Strategic Organizing Center, targeting 512 people, excluding managers working in the video game industry. According to the survey results, 79%of people responded that they would definitely support the formation of unions in the workplace, and 6%clearly opposed them. 。

In recent years, various movements have been reported about the formation of unions in the game industry. January 2022 A RAVEN SOFTWARE employee under the umbrella under the Brizzard was formed a labor union due to layoffs and work environments, and the management was conflicted, but the union was officially recognized by the voting in May. It is. It has also been reported that the Ubisoft union had demanded the improvement of the working environment in February.

Other items in the material answered that 66%of the dissatisfaction in the workplace answered 66%, overworked and insufficient benefits. In addition, the survey results are highlighted that 35%of people are discriminating at work and sexual harassment.

Overseas media NME also points out that the number of samples is small in this survey.


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