LOL: The sick Play of CAPS that demonstrates the definitive return of the best player in Europe

The return of the League of Legends competitive has been particularly interesting this season because it allows us to test the recent changes of Riot Games and discover how the game has evolved. However, we do not need great incentives to enjoy professional games. To stay hooked, it is enough to see the most talented players on the planet live. One of them is, of course, Caps . The Mid Laner of G2 eSports demonstrated on the LEC that he has returned to his best moment in form and left us a new play that we can only define as sickly.

The genius of Caps that almost changes the face of G2 eSports


CAPS had brilliant moments in the game between Team BDS and G2 eSports . The French team insisted on going for him taking advantage of the devastating combination that Lisssandra and Hecarim form, getting him behind during the first minutes of the match. However, when he marched with three deaths on the scoreboard and was a couple of levels behind of his rival, he took the magic out of the sleeve to turn the situation around. Unrepeatable seconds in which he managed to solve a situation of numerical disadvantage with two casualties, an assistance and surviving the action.

As soon as we take a look at the play, we realized that it was not only what he got, if not how he did . Accompanied by his support, G2 Mid Lair Esports hooked his team to the game in a meritorious way. Getting all the skills of him and inflicting a lot of damage despite the handicap in gold and objects, there are several outstanding moments in which CAPS makes decisions that few professionals from League of Legends would choose, getting right to all of them. Even when restarting the fight seemed crazy given the disadvantage and numerical inferiority of him, the Danish simply saw things that no one could see.

In addition to the daring, the last seconds of the play deserve special mention. Caps manages to flee after stopping a displacement of Irelia with the sorcerer from Ahri and, when everything seemed finished, she launches the flash to surprise again and eliminate an opponent with an instant combo even though had no vision about him. This succession of genius allowed G2 Esports to tie the gold score, although unfortunately it was not enough to be imposed on their rivals. In spite of everything, the Mid Laner was about to throw the team behind the back in a game in which his companions (except Targamas), simply did not have the day.


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