Sum Age, the official launch of the PC shooting game 'Crozu'

[Age Park Ye-jin reporter] Sum Age (CEO Park Hong-seo) announced on the 29th that it has officially released the PC shooting game 'Crowz'.

The company focused on optimization, frame deterioration and rack problems in Crozuz, and reflected feedback through three rough beta tests and early access.

New maps that many users have suggested have also been added. One of the main battlefields, 'Gray Stone', is a map that can be different from the existing map 'Selain Valley' and has been updated after optimization and balance adjustment.

In the Devstream, which was conducted on the Crowuz YouTube channel, Crowz Planning Team leader appeared directly to explain the modifications and directions that were modified in the early access version, and expressed their willingness to continue to improve and develop the game in the future.

An Meanwhile, Korea and Singapore Region have been added to build a smooth play environment. The company plans to expand its server stability by expanding the region, including South America.

Park Hong-seo said, Thank you very much for the users who have been waiting for Crozuz. We will continue to communicate with gamers and improve the game and provide better service.


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