TuS Komet Arsten maintains national goalkeeper Jaylen Hofmann

After the failing of Felipe Aurelio Schmidt, Komet stood in the last sprint of last period instantly without a goalkeeper-it needed to be improvised. Hofmann had formerly trained with the team twice, but was promptly registered and was in the box for the very first time a couple of days later. After the effective debut, the 18-year-old also finished all the continuing to be 4 games. Now gamers and also club have settled on a long-term modification.

Given that the beginning of April, Jaylen Hofmann has been a team of the Bremen league team TuS Komet Arsten. Originally, the nationwide goalkeeper of Afghanistan, who remained in the friendly in the friendly in the pleasant in the pleasant in the pleasant at the end of in 2015, just intended to maintain fit at Komet before he would certainly search for a new club to transform the season. The club revealed on Friday by means of Facebook.


An outstanding basis

Jaylen did his job extremely well in the period finale. He was thrown into the cold, was challenged and also provided. Jaylen loves football, eager as well as enthusiastic to learn what is a superb basis to establish with us, applauds goalkeeper coach Tim Meyer his New protégé.


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