Webboard regulation improvement plan… Game Committee also presented'Gideline '

[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo] Webboard game regulations, which have been raised from 500,000 won to 700,000 won, have been implemented earlier this month, and web board game companies are responding by establishing user protection measures. The Game Water Management Committee also focuses on establishing a system by presenting analysis standards related to regulations.

According to the game industry on the 8th, the Game Water Management Committee (Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol) revealed the interpretation standard for improvement of web board game regulations. According to the interpretation standards, game industries must specify the head of the user protection and prevention of mobilization and a dedicated personnel. In addition, all users must prepare a procedure for self-set losses and time limit, and if the user is requested, the procedure for use for a certain period of time should be placed.

In order to prevent meandering, the core is to strengthen promotions related to eradication of meandering, suspension of fraudulent users, cooperation with self-monitoring and preventing meandering, prohibition of game money transfer function, and interlocking between free-free games. Earlier this month, the web board game regulation improvement was implemented, and a specific guideline was presented to prevent users and prevent meandering.

What Related companies are also focusing on protecting and preventing users. Neowiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, Bae Tae-geun) introduced the 'Self Care' system in 16 kinds of web board games such as poker.

Self care is a system that allows users to set up their own game environments to prevent game overwhelming. The company provided a loss limit in the existing web board game, but it was expanded to set up the time and purchase limit. The company explained that it was the first in the industry to allow users to set up the time of use and purchase limit. The user can set the monthly purchase limit and the daily loss limit within 100,000 won to 700,000 won, and the daily use time can be adjusted within the 6-24 hours.

Neowiz is also implementing various user protection measures before self-care. In order to block the source of illegal exchange advertisements, communication between users in the game, such as notes, chat, and room title setting, is not possible, and the close IP users are limited to prevent 'squeeze'. In addition, it is strengthening sanctions on cheating, such as squeezing, to prevent illegal warfare and meandering.

There is also a UCP (User Care Program) self-restriction system to prevent immersion. Users can apply for use by themselves for three months, 6 months, or one year, and if it is difficult to use the system, you can apply to the customer center to receive self-restrictions.

Efforts are also made to ensure that illegal warfare and meandering are not achieved as a means of outside of the game. If the exchange advertisement is posted in the external game community, the relevant agency collaborates to delete the posts and block the publisher, and prohibit the broadcast of the Neowiz Webboard game on YouTube. The company explained that it also contributed to illegal exchange investigations through occasional cooperation on the basis of reporting and recipients.

NHN (CEO Jung Woo-jin) is also taking advantage of various user protection plans. In 2009, the company has established and operated a 'user protection program' where users can prevent over-the-jobs and play games.

The program provides notifications and restrictions to prevent themselves from being overwhelmed by 'self-restrictions'. Depending on the overload level, it is important to guide the concerns about the immersion and to protect the user, such as forced setting time alerts, limiting plate numbers (1 day), blocking of web board games, and unacceptable stages. In particular, the program was created to reflect the 'User Protection Measures Guidelines' prepared by the user protection council.

In addition, in the case of PC web board games, you can change the payment limit you want within the maximum payment limit (current 700,000 won), and you can also use the time notification to specify the current status of the game time and the end time of the game.

The web board game regulation improvement plan, which was officially implemented from the 1st of this month, is an increase of 200,000 won (No. 8) from 500,000 won to 700,000 won (No. 8) from 500,000 won to 700,000 won. An opponent's anti-choice phrase clarification (No. 8 Lamok) is the key.

At the time of the legislative notice in February this year, there was a 'compliance' statement (No. 8 pastoral) item to prevent user protection and prevention of game water in consultation with the Game Water Management Committee. Excluded. As a result, the pastor's pastor has maintained the existing proposal that the game industry should establish a plan to protect game materials and prevent meandering of games in consultation with the committee.

NHN said, Webboard games have been prepared to protect users through various systems and introduction for a long time, and to have some environments for users to enjoy the game by autonomously. We will continue to work hard to protect users so that we can enjoy web board games as mind sports.

Neowiz said, We will continue our efforts to create a healthy game culture as the industry's social responsibility has become more important due to the improvement of regulations related to web board games.

Lee Seung-hoon, vice chairman of the Korean Game Policy Society, said, The genre-related genre is a sensitive genre, so there was a lot of restrictions. If you continue to take responsibility services to prevent it, it will take a long time, but it will be possible to switch to self-regulation.


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