Elden Ring: Mohg, find and defeat that

In this MOHG boss guide to Elden Ring you can find out:

  • Like you Mohg, that will find it
  • Where you get Mohg's chain
  • How you get a useful talisman
  • How you defeat the boss

Mohg, that is a optional boss in Elden Ring, which is hidden deep under the royal capital Leyndell. In this guide we take you to the boss arena and give you useful tips for fighting.

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Mohg's chain and cheers of the Blood Talisman find

MOHG can be held on the ground for a short time for for **. Like Mohg, it is located in the underground area Reserve of Scham in the royal capital Leyndell. We describe the way to access to the Dungtresser in the Quest Guide.

Once there, the area with the ladder on the right on the underground street. Follow that the giant times don't notice you. Your comes to a channel system via the ladder. Go along the pipes and eliminates the weight until you reach the point on the following screenshot.

Take a soft cotton to avoid fall damage and let yourself fall on the lower tube. From here you can see a patrol. Try to stay unnoticed, jump down and keep southwest. Another giant lobster breaks out of the ground. If you are quick, you can escape him without a fight. Mohg's chain is located directly behind the giant lobster on the southeastern wall. To the right of this is the outcome from this area.

Go down the stairs through the passage and just right. There you will find the place of grace catacombs of Leyndell. She crosses and in the end defeat the boss Esgar, priest of the blood. As a reward, you will receive the Talisman Jubilee of Blood , which strengthens your attack strength when blood loss happens nearby. MOHG triggers this status effect with many of his attacks.

So you will find boss Mohg in the reserve of the shame

Return back to the underground street and over the ladder into the area with the pipes. Instead of downwards, follow the path over the pipes until you arrive on the top of a wooden bridge and open the abbreviation gate to the underground road. follows the pipe next to the bridge towards the southwest . In the end you drop and follow the wooden platform in the northeast until you reach a passage.

Leave the ladder down to release a abbreviation and then jump into the open tube . It continues in the northeast and at the next fork to the northwest. After the rats, the path bends northeast. Let yourself fall into the hole there. Follow the path to the northeast, climb down the ladder and take the elevator. In front of you is the place of grace depth of the lost and behind it Mohg's Boss-Arena.

MOHG, that: strengths and weaknesses

MOHG, which once has high resistance to fire damage and is immune to poison, scarlet blade, bleeding, frost and death plague. Even with magic, sacred and lightning damage, he absorbs almost half of your damage. So it is best to try to get him small with physical damage.

MOHG itself allows standard and stab damage. With a shield that absorbs 100 percent physical damage , you can withstand his blades. He also has a fire and adds bleeding damage to you. The talisman cheers of the blood described above strengthens your attack strength when bleeding damage arises-ideal for the fight against MohG.


The following legendary talismans are also useful:

Dragon-Gross shieldtalisman *: Increases resistance to physical damage enormously. Flame kite valley *: increases the resistance to fire damage significantly.

Wherever you find it, we describe in our guide to the legendary talismans of Elden Ring. Depending on the build, you will find other useful amulets there. Parades do not work at MOHG , but you can still break his attitude and add critical damage to him.

This is how you defeat Boss Mohg, that

MOHG is at the other end of the arena and is very slowly approaching you. Take the opportunity and greet him with a few ranged attack attacks. The boss attacks with its trident and usually relies on a combination of three, in which he delayed his second . Follow that you don't avoid too early. If you have a lot of perseverance and a sign that keeps physical attacks one hundred percent, you are on the safe side.

The best opportunity for a counterattack arises when MOHG hurls blood on you. A red-shining circle briefly opens up over him, it grasps and brings out to the throw. Roll through the red mass towards him and attack. Then go back to a distance.

There are other opportunities when Mohg rams his triple sack into the ground from top to bottom or a heavy blow goes into the void at the end of its combination. Always keep on the side to avoid possible follow-up attacks. Use Mohg's chain to briefly tighten the boss on the ground **. Attack it with everything you have.

rewards for the boss fight

Mohg's other attacks are similar to the first phase from the boss fight with MohG, Prince of the Blood (Guide) . Once you have defeated it, you will receive the talisman favor of the earth's tree +1, ** A bronze trophy, the call blood flame claws and 100,000 runes.

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