Genshin Impact Sacrificial Sword - the best characters, statistics and how to get it

One of the things that makes the Genshin Impact weapon is unique is the skills that each of them possesses. Often these skills make weapons of a lower rarity much more valuable than other weapons that seems better. The sacrificial sword is a great example of this.

Who should use the sacrificial sword in Genshin Impact?

Even with a lower basic attack than most other four-star swords, this is still the best weapon for the slot. Sinsu . His ability to often discard him for a long time restoration of the element skills helps him become the best battery and sub-dps. It also provides an energy recharge to quickly fill its spontaneous explosion scale and increase its explosive damage in combination with a set of artifacts of the emblem of torn fate. Together with the set of artifacts, the mollusk of the ocean color, this can also be a good weapon for Tsitsi , although Skyward Blade would be better. You can also use the sacrificial sword for Jean especially if you do not have the best five-star weapon, but it will not bring you as much benefit as it will allow the first two characters to own it.

characteristics of the sacrificial sword

How to get a sacrificial sword in Genshin Impact


The only way to get this weapon is Gacha Basin , although you can get it from any of the three ordinary banners. It has a standard 6.0% chance to be pulled out of the desire of the weapon event and from time to time has an increased chance of falling out. There is a 5.1% chance to get this weapon from the Banners Standard and The desire of the character event.

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