How to buy a log cabin in Bitlife

You don't expect to buy a log cabin in Bitlife, yet if you wish to finish the Monopoly Challenge in a single life, you need to buy 5. Surprisingly, amongst the numerous residences you require to buy to use up the challenge, it is most likely the most elusive to locate on property. Is there something unique to do or is there a method to raise your chances of finding one?


When you discover a log cabin in buyable possessions, you need to act rapidly to catch it. They are much more affordable than the other houses you require to buy to finish the Monopoly Challenge, which is great, yet you might discover on your own waiting to have reached an extra innovative age to buy them.

The round wood home appears arbitrarily in the readily available active ingredients that you can buy. All actual estate selections are reset each year, providing you brand-new possibilities to buy a more appropriate home.


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