How to unlock daily commission to the Genshin Impact to the Genshin Impact

Daily instructions are bread with Genshin Impact daily newspapers, supplying travelers with a constant stream of migrants, allowing you to make a little more than 10 wishes per month. Having stepped on the land of wisdom, you may immediately want to help its residents solve their problems, but, unfortunately, you will have to do several things first before the guild of adventurers will send you instructions.

How to get daily commissions to Genshin Impact

In order to unlock daily orders to the duct, you first need to fulfill acts of the I and II quest to the archonta to the hand:

  • Archon Quest Chapter III: Act I-through fogs of smoke and dark forests
  • Archon Quest Chapter III: Act II is a morning that brings a thousand roses


As soon as both are completed, Wait for the server reloading to get a local task called Adventure requires courage! This will prompt you to go to the Catherine to the guild of adventure seekers. After a quick dialogue, you can finally work on the daily commissions of the pile.

How to switch to daily commission to the Genshin Impact pile

Open Handbook of the adventurer , which is the book icon to the left of the inventory in the upper right corner of the screen. Then go to the Commission tab in the left corner. In the opening list, select to be a pile to receive daily commissions exclusively from this region, or random to get commission from all over Tayvat.

Keep in mind that this option will be available only if you have already fulfilled the above preliminary conditions. After changing the location of the commission, you need to wait for the server reboot before receiving daily tasks from the region you have chosen.

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