How to use Saints Row Boss Factory - a guide to set up a character

The Saints Row boss factory allows players to plunge into the water of the Saints Row remake. Although players cannot wander around the world, since this is not a demo, they can experiment with a wide range of character settings. This will allow the players not only to get rid of itching in Saints Row, but also will quickly involve them in the game, since their character will be ready and waits for a way out.

How does the character customer work in Saints Row work?

Players can download the Saints Row Boss factory on the following platforms. After installation, players can completely configure their character. The shape and style of the body, outfits, tattoos and options for individuality-all this is in the full version of the game.

  • PC (Epic Games store)
  • prefix 4, prefix 5

SAINTS * Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S

How to create your boss in Saints Row in advance

Creating your boss is as simple as choosing various settings. You can also share your bosses and manage them, look for the creations of other players and tie your Saints Row account to receive exclusive bonuses after the full version of the game is released. You will be surprised at how creatively the community has approached some of these creations (even 8000 Harley Quinn).

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