[Issue] Lin 2m, BJ Promotion Controversy.

NCsoft today (5th) and Lineage 2M official YouTube conducted a special broadcast to reveal the developers' position on the promotion BJ-related issues and the resulting trucks.

If The Lineage 2m truckswei was held near the NCsoft office building from 9 am to 6 pm. The user, who led the protests, explained that NCsoft had been honestly explaining the suspicion that NCsoft provided a rear advertisement and promotion to a particular BJ and streamers. In addition, when users contacted in April, NCsoft replied that there were no promotions and streamers on Lineage 2M, but some Lineage 2m BJs were able to clarify by capturing the mentioned parts during the broadcast.

The case may be a deceptive sign and advertisement if the Democratic Party's inquiries to the Fair Trade Commission, along with Lee Sang-heon, as a result of not disclosing that they have received a promotion fee. A deceptive advertising refers to advertising by concealing or reducing facts. It is a violation of Article 3, paragraph 1, paragraph 2 of the Label Advertising Act.

In response to these matters, NCsoft, PD Hyung-soo PD, Lee Hak-ju, and Lineage 2M, Baek Seung-wook, who was in charge of the development of Lineage 2M, appeared in the broadcast to explain the promotion issue. Baek Seung-wook said, Lineage 2M, unlike Lineage W, has no official promotional creators in the past or now. In addition, the promotion creator said, We are sponsored for broadcasting or upload costs, and Lineage 2M has no fact that any creator has paid any requests or any costs.

We also explained the recognition of the number of lineage 2m broadcasts of some creators raised by users. Baek Seung-wook, general manager, said, It is true that the minimum was recognized at the request of the people who voluntarily broadcast Lineage 2M at the time of the Lineage W promotion contract. It was intended to keep the Lineage 2m users that Lineage 2m users would continue to be suspended or reduced.

Baek Seung-wook, who repeatedly said that Lineage 2M broadcast permission was a consideration for users who had been watching Lineage 2M for a long time, said, It was a decision to minimize the influence of Lineage 2M broadcasts because of Lineage W broadcasts because of the lineage W broadcast. High emphasis. However, I overlooked the fact that broadcast recognition could be accepted like Lineage 2M BJ promotion.

Lee Hak-ju said, We confirmed that there was a problem and deleted the relevant provisions on July 29, and we have taken measures that the recognition of Lineage 2M broadcasts can no longer proceed in any situation. I apologize for the delayed communication, and I will try to communicate immediately in the issue situation.

Jeon Hyung-soo said, I apologize once again on behalf of the developer, and I will always operate and develop fairness as a top priority. He is also preparing a variety of updates, including the new Youngjiin or Drill update at the end of August, and a 1,000-day audit update, and added that he will come with various updates next time.


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