Who is Dehya's voice actor in Genshin Impact?

Dori The latest 3.0 update of the Mihoyo developer has added new search lines and characters to the world of Teyvat. That includes a mercenary that is especially skilled with Pyro and occupies a prominent place in some of Sumeru's new stories. If you are wondering Who is Dehya's voice actor in Genshin Impact Here is your answer.

Dehya Japanese voice actor

For the Japanese translation of Genshin Impact, Ayaka Fukuhara gives voice to Dehya. The actress has a great experience playing characters in the video game industry, having starred games such as Sakura Wars, Nier Replication and GranBlue Fantasy. If she is familiar with the Japanese anime, she can also recognize her voice in programs such as Captain Tsubasa and Extreme Hearts, in which she played Tarō Misaki and Yukino Tachibana, respectively.

Dehya dubbing actor in English

Unfortunately, Hoyover has not yet confirmed who is the voice actor in English for Dehya in Genshin Impact. Although the 3.0 update has been available for several days at this time, the developer often does not confirm details such as this until a later date. We will make sure to keep it informed as we learn more.

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