Catmaze: Metroidvania will be launched on September 9th

Creatures from Slavic misconceptions guard their keys in the wonderful woodlands and the thick thicket, which has actually ended up being house to geese, kikimora, anchutkas, mermaids and lots of other mystical figures. Currently is your chance to aerate keys, where concealed courses come to be visible as well as the course between the globes is feasting on when you triggered.


The gamer slides right into the role of Alesta, a teen witch that, after an instead unfavorable experience, finds her life upside-down. In order to bring her mother back from the globe of the dead, Alesta quickly claims the assistance of the cats of Yavi and also Navi, who create the connection between the globe of living and the.

Alesta is a figure with a solid spirit, yet however not with strong muscles, which implies that she does not assault Beast herself-others do that for her. There are an overall of 12 types of animals in the video game: some strike slowly as well as hard, others are rapid and weak and still others can poison or freeze opponents.

The indie publisher Ratalaika Games, along with Redblack Spade, announces the early magazine of Catmaze-a Metroidvania that is inspired by the Slavic mythology.

The video game will certainly be launched on September 9 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Change at a rate of EUR 9.99. Secrets, magic and a charming setting are simply a few of the fascinating difficulties that the video game provides.


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