Does Alicia want to start a war in House of the Dragon? Answered

While Aliment could have been presented as a very passive character during the first half of House of the Dragon season, this episode shows that it could finally be ready to act. With all the revelations and the development of the fifth episode, you will be wondering If Aliment seeks to start a war in House of the Dragon . This is what she needs to know.

Does Alicia want a war in House of the Dragon?

When Accent appears at wedding dinner, Valley comments on her green dress and mentions that when Hightower beacons light in preparation for war, they shine in green. With that little fact, it can be inferred that Aliment is preparing for a possible war with the Targaryen. However, this does not mean that Aliment necessarily wants to start a war in House of the Dragon. It is more likely that she is preparing for that possibility and is prepared to retaliate if necessary.

In episode 5, she learns that Chandra had lied about losing her virginity and, as a result, her father was fired and expelled from her. However, before leaving, Otto also warns him of the dangers that Chandra inherits the iron thr1. He states that if Chandra ascends to the throne, she will have no choice but to kill Argon, and the only Accent options are to prepare Argon to govern or expect Chandra to show mercy to her son.

With everything that happened to her father, his discovery of Chandra's lies and the possibility that her son is executed, seems that Accent finally decided to take a position. This can also be seen in her brief conversation with her uncle at dinner, where she states that Hightower is with her. We are probable that we do not have a war in the short term, but Accent will certainly be ready for when it happens.

Alicent That is all you need to know about if Aliment wants to start a war in House of the Dragon . Be sure to look for to get more news and information about the program, including the reasoning behind Daemon's haircut and what type of tea gave Misery to Chandra.

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