Genshin Impact - Date and time of presentation of 3.1: The great anniversary events arrive

Genshin Impact prepares to receive a new ration of novelties. Although we are barely beginning to explore Summer, and we still have a few hours of content ahead, the developers have already announced the date and time of live presentation of the next update 3.1 . A small talk that will recover the traditional Converse style and that will take place next Friday September 16 at 2:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular schedule. Great ads are expected, in which we will repair below.

What to expect from Update 3.1 of Genshin Impact?

The next version of Genshin Impact will be almost as special as the one introduced by Summer. Not only do we talk about the fact that there will be new very interesting content such as the arrival of the desert area of the new region or the landing of some of the most anticipated characters in recent months. The 3.1 premiere will take place on September 28, just when is two years since the launch of the game . An anniversary that must be translated into rewards for players and special events that could begin to be shown in the live presentation.

OFFICIAL!!! As usual, the presentation of a new patch also implies the distribution of proteges . In addition to seeing the novelties that will arrive in the update, it also compensates to be aware of the codes revealed by Converse during their live broadcast so as not to lose the opportunity to enter a small extra. This promotion is usually available for a very limited period of time that does not usually exceed 24 hours, so we better be attentive if we want to get with Pilot, Candace or CNO.

Finally, it should be noted that novelties could continue throughout the weekend. Independent, Coyote will carry out another presentation on the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show . It may reveal something more about Genshin Impact, although the main dishes could be other developer video games that are yet to come as Honkies: Star Rail or Zenless Zone Zero. This retransmission will take place on September 17 from 11:00.

Presentation Update 3.1 GENSHIN IMPACT *: September 16 at 2:00 p.m. Presentation Hoover Tokyo Game Show *: September 17 at 11:00


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