Nuevo gameplay de Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Today the special presentation of Ubisoft Forward was held, which has presented us with expected games for this year as Skull and Bones and of its position, Mario + Rabbis: Sparks of Hope. And to start everything in the best way, we have been shown a new gameplay of this installment that crosses Mario and the bunny.

We can appreciate that in the game the Sparks will be of great importance, so collecting them will be necessary to advance the fighting, on the other hand, it is known that Bower will be one of the allies because Mario and his friends have an enemy In common, but that's not all, because you face Luigi and Peach are also present.

Mario Here you can see the gameplay:

With this delivery, the change that things will have, including special movements such as Rabbi Rosalina, who can tell stories to enemies to harm every1. Even weapons are new, so there will be a good customization range.

The game arrives on October 20 for Nintendo Switch.


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