The first concert filled with only 'Lineage', look back on 25 years

NCsoft held a concert at the Lotte Concert Hall on the 2nd, based on the core IP 'Lineage'. This is the first performance that only runs in Linea. This performance was included by the game music platform platform platform and Gyeonggi Province Orchestra Gyeonggi Philharmonic. The command was directed by the Chungnam Symphony Orchestra, the head of the Chungnam Symphony Orchestra, and played by the Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jinsol, a general music director, said, Lineage concerts to test the possibility of game music through collaboration with Gyeonggi Philharmonic, which had been doing traditional classic programs, and to give game users newness to game users. I was prepared to prepare, he said. I expected a great synergy when the classical Lineage music, which fits the magnificent cinematic video, was played as a real instrument at the venue.

Jinsol has also had a concert with StarCraft and League of Legend IP. Regarding the previous game concert and the difference in Lineage concerts, If the existing performance focused on directing and visuals, this performance was intended to improve the musical completion by emphasizing the concept of the classical game and the tradition of the Gyeonggi Philharmonic. I replied.

It was characterized by a harmony of images and images and illuminations that match each song. Jinsol said, It was produced in the maximum of the perfect acoustic sound to suit the characteristics of the venue. He added, In addition, it is another point of viewing that arranged with acoustic sound that suits Lineage.

The arrangement for this performance was directed by Jung Jae-min. Jung Jae-min Arranger said, OSTs of cute and pretty casual games are mostly a music that samples sound effects on virtual musical instruments or music that repeats short themes. Lineage is a MMORPG with a profoundness of adults, so there are a lot of songs of Epic music that goes well with the magnificent orchestra, which is a magnificent characteristic, he recalled.

The performance was carried out as if to enjoy MMORPG Lineage. Game Lineage leads to the process of accessing, playing, and terminating. The song appeared on the game access screen as an opening, and the music from the end was finished with the ending. In addition, the process of moving from part 1 to 2 seemed to lead from the original Lineage to the latest Lineage W.

▲ The Blood PLEDGE The first song of the performance was 'Bloody's oath'. 'Bloody's oath' is a song that would have been heard once if you had done 'Lineage'. It is music from the login screen. Jung Jae-min's arranger introduced the intention that I wanted to give the impression that I would like to log in to the world of Lineage with the beginning of the performance by choosing thevow of blood '', an early Lineage login BGM. The song that followed was 'holder'. By playing the most famous themes along with login, the intention was to remind the time and memories of the audience experienced in Lineage.

The last part of the first part was 'Eternity'. 'Eternity' is a music that comes out when the original 'Lineage' is terminated. As the first part of the performance symbolized the original 'Lineage', 'Lineage W' was expected by placing 'eternity' as the last song. Jung Jae-min's arranger said, As it is 'eternity' that comes out when Lineage is terminated, I thought it would be appropriate to be played as the last song of the first part, and it would be appropriate to play as a song that announces the main part of the main.

▲ Lineage W-Main Theme In the second part of the second part, the main theme of 'Lineage W' was played. The song itself became more colorful than the difference between smartphone devices and venues. Jung Jae-min arranger said, As Lineage has evolved over the past 20 years, music has set the direction of arrangement to show that music has changed more and more.

The last song of the Lineage performance was 'Time of Sage', the theme of the Wizard Research Institute. Jung Jae-min's arranger introduced, Lineage W arranged, and this song left the biggest afterglow personally, and I worked with brilliant performances to convey the sound I felt to the audience.

Jim Jinsol said, There was a Lineage at the starting point of Korean game history, said Jinsol. We are people who speak with music, so I wanted to deliver good music that Lineage shared with users for a long time through this performance. I hope it was a moment to recall the magnificence of those days that everyone felt through this Lineage concert, which is reproduced as a classic instrument.


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