How to defeat the Callor at King’s Fall - Destiny 2 raids

Golgorot-mutating the defender of the king of obsessed Orin. This is mainly an immune monster works as a traditional MMORPG battle, where the guards play classic roles, such as a tank and traffic police. Here's how to have fun in a pit with a helm and go out whole and sound.

guide to the hollow-the fall of the king

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Each phase begins with the fact that the battle group is divided into two groups of three people to clean the adds that appear around the ring. Do not forget to allow the enemies to go out the door so that they do not get stuck and do not interfere with the collision. As soon as the knights appear and subsequently die, the phase of inflicting damage to Novgorod begins.

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After the reset of wizards and knights, Novgorod’s gaze will go to two guards. This boils down to hold his attention and position the monster so that the DPS team can cause damage. When the DPS team drops from the ceiling into the pit of the damage to the damage, the Gaze team will alternate Ago with each other and move around the ring so that Novgorod is facing the DPS team in the pit. In fact, each keeper will be responsible either for the left or the right side. Just take Ago and move to a position where Novgorod is facing the battle group. To get a damage bonus, we recommend that you attract the attention of the Caller using a tractor gun to apply another buff to the damage.

DPS team

When the phase of damage begins, four guardians will fall into the pit with a Novgorod. There will be six balls along the ceiling that need to be shot down. As soon as the ball falls to the ground, the damage team should stand in a puddle in order to get a Buff of damage from the Caller. When the buff falls, shake the next sphere and go to this puddle.

Please note that during the loss of each sphere, the guard in the pit will be randomly selected to get unstable light. Pay attention to the Buff/Rebuff area on your screen and immediately stand under the Gallop if you get a buff. This will blow up a bomb, which otherwise would destroy the firing group. After the sixth buff is falling, it's time to get out of the pool, since this is only a swimming with a helm.

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