'Lineage 2M' 381 users, NC opponent damages claim lawsuit

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] 'Lineage 2M' users start a lawsuit for damages against NC soft. The game company's 'back advertisement' practice has been on the cutting board.

Lineage 2M 381 people submitted a collection to Susan District Court on the 30th against NC soft (CEO Kim Taejon). The amount per person is 100,000 won. Attorney Choir Byung-soo and six lawyers from Susan are in charge of lawsuits.

The lawsuit, including the YouTuber 'Chung TV', who pursued the lawsuit, said, The game company is a property mental damages to the plaintiffs by inducing the plaintiffs to charge the gamers who have unintentionally promoted in the game process. I put it on.


According to the lawsuit, NC soft has been promoting 'Lineage M' and 'Lineage W' in the Lineage series, but did not announce that Lineage 2M is performing promotions.

Since then, a specific YouTube decided to proceed with Lineage W and receive a promotion, but the quantity (number) that has been lineage 2M will be recognized as the quantity of Lineage W, and the promotion is actually promoted for Lineage 2M. To be.

They said in the small intestine, If you knew that someone among the players who participated in the game's game, if you knew that you were paying for money without any financial burden, the other player was paying for it, or even if there was a provocative charging induction of the opponent's player, the other player We would not have paid for the balance or surpassed it, he said. The plaintiffs will be damaged by the violation of the defendant's obligations to balance or surpass the gamers and games.

In addition, if the promotion player had not induced the billing, the defendant's item update would not have been achieved, and the plaintiffs for the update would not have been made.

After submitting a director on the day, the lawsuit said, NC soft asks you to implement measures and answers as soon as possible. We will try to make the amendment and legislative process.

Meanwhile, in August, NC soft's PD, Lee Halloo, and Back Seung-wook, director of Lineage 2M, appeared on the official YouTube of Lineage. At the time, Back said, I overlooked the fact that broadcast recognition could be accepted like Lineage 2M BJ promotion.

Lee Baku said, I confirmed that there was a problem and deleted the relevant provisions on July 29. I will try.


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