National disabled, game companies are also going to 'golden hunting'

The 42nd National Paralympic Sports Competition will be held in San on the 19th, and the game industry will also be in 'Golden Hunting' through the disabled athletes.

The National Paralympic Sports Competition was launched as the first comprehensive sports event in Korea for the promotion of sports for the disabled in 1981, and is the 42nd year of this year.

This year, the game will be held in the San Metropolitan City Stadium for six days from October 19 to 24, and 6,000 athletes will participate in 31 sports.

In addition, through this tournament, the disabled athletes operated by domestic game companies such as En pixel and Net marble will also participate in the main sports of the National Disabled Sports Competition.

■ 'En pixel' and 'Net marble', nationwide disabled medals are hunting

According to the industry, in the domestic game industry, two En pixel and Net marble are in operation and operating the disabled team.

Game company En pixel, who has been in his fifth year of his business this year, has founded and operated a disabled athlete in September last year.

The En pixel Disabled squadron consists of six players from the San Disabled Sports Association (5 swimming and 1 athletic). I achieved a great thing.

The athletes are prepared to show better results than the previous year at the 42nd national paralympic games this year.

In particular, individual teams are expected to be performed by Kim Kwangju, who scored three crowns in the national disabled sports competition last year, and Kim Bangkok, who had a world record of the 400 m in the men's Hongye-young, in the 2019 INS Global Game.

In addition, through the Net marble Cultural Foundation, Net marble, which founded the first disabled athlete in the game industry in 2019 last year, will also participate in the national disabled sports competition.

The Net marble Disabled Squadron has been doing well in major competitions such as national disabled coordination championships since its inception, focusing on the 'Jung' event, and is determined to solidify its position as a 'adjustment strong team'.

■ Create a virtuous cycle of promotion and support for the disabled through the athlete


Meanwhile, the fact that game companies are in the founding and operation of the disabled athletes are to create a virtuous cycle such as the athlete's entry into society through the promotion of the disabled sports.

For the disabled, exercise is a good opportunity to train the body and the body, but the voice of improvement is continuously raised, such as lack of dedicated sports facilities and low social interest in people with disabilities.

Among them, the support of the game companies can only concentrate on physical education activities, as well as to bring about society's interest in the physical education, and the common opinions of those such as athletes, parents and coaches.

For example, En pixel provides the same benefits to the disabled as a full-time employee, and encourages the athlete to focus on training only through various benefits such as salaries and training supplies. The company also explains that the players also feel the sense of belonging and pride together as the family's family.

Lee Monte, a member of the En pixel Disabled Squad, said, It was difficult to feel a sense of belonging through the job after I had a disability, but I achieved the dream through the En pixel disabled team. I want to go out.

An official from the industry said, It is rare in the domestic game industry, but we are actively supporting the self-reliance of the athlete's independence through the two companies.


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