The lawsuit is not finished. Netflix's Witnesses will be attended

SK Broadband and Netflix have been in legal disputes for more than two years over the contract of use. The two sides will argue again about whether there was an agreement on the network connection.

The Seoul High Court Civil Civil Civil Affairs 19-1 (Deputy Judge BAE Yong-joon, Jung Seung-kyu Kim Dong-wan) will have the 6th pleading of the debtor's existence against SK Broadband on the afternoon of 12th.

Earlier, in the last parliament, SK Broadband's witness Hwang Mo attended and testified whether he mentioned the cost when he moved the network connection point from Seattle to Tokyo, Japan. Hwang is an SK Broadband employee, in charge of network connection technology.

On the day, Hwang said, We discussed with Netflix before moving from Seattle to Tokyo, Japan in 2018. Even after moving the connection point, he explained that the situation was forced to postpone the discussion because of the situation.

The two sides agreed on the network connection in September 2015 and connected the network for the first time in the Internet Exchange Node (SIX), an Internet exchange point (ISP) in Seattle, USA in January 2016. Later, as Netflix traffic increased, in May 2018, the network connection point was moved to Tokyo, Japan.

Netflix insisted that SK Broadband did not discuss the cost settlement even when the network was connected to Seattle and the network connection point to Tokyo. For this reason, there was an implicit agreement to avoid paying for the network.

SK Broadband argued that connections in Seattle and connection in Tokyo are different. The SIX in Seattle is a public peering, so the network is not premised. However, it is pointed out that the connection in Tokyo is a private peering that uses the Broadband Exchange Node (BBI) method, so it is necessary for the payment.

Public peering is a way that anyone who pays port, regardless of whether it is an Internet service provider (ISP) or a content provider (CP), can communicate traffic. The quality is not guaranteed because it is not a dedicated line. Private peering is a one-to-one way.


In the 6th paragraph of the appeal, the Michael Smith Netflix, the US and Canadian Interconnection Director, will attend and test the network connection point to Tokyo, Japan.

Witnesses will also demonstrate the effects of 'Open Connect Alliance' (OCT), the own content transfer network (CDN) that Netflix has. In the meantime, Netflix has insisted that installing OCT in the SK Broadband's network can simply solve the traffic problem.


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