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Occasionally it is the little points that have huge results. The new interface of WoW: Dragon Trip is definitely a development in the right instructions , however there was small information that relatively lots of players bothered. The designers have made a decision that the common unusual opponents are no more worthwhile enough to use a silver kite to be allowed to wear their picture. This fell away as well as was replaced by a fairly unspectacular celebrity sign.

If there is no depending on the developers at Blizzard, at least at the very least on the hardworking add-on author, and they have delivered.

In the eyes of numerous players, the unusual opponents are cheapened. However, the elite rares can keep their gold dragons. Furthermore, after 18 years of wow (buy currently) you merely got utilized to this acknowledgment attribute. Equally particular symbols unmistakably connected with the private classes, many players connect the silver kite to an unusual challenger.

Unusual Dragons Add-on with a solitary purpose

The Add-on Rare Dragon, established by Been, has just one function, and also it does it in excellence. It exchanges the brand-new graphics of the rare mobs versus the old ones. Much more specifically, the star disappears under the dragon and also the picture returns, as you can see on the contrast picture below.


With Add-on Figure Sliderless Add-on

The add-on can not do even more. You can not set anything, do not alter and don't have to worry about anything. You can download Rare Dragon on all typical systems for WoW Add-ons.

Have you currently missed out on the silver kite or do you not care how the unusual opponents are noted as long as you can only see them? If the previous is the instance, there might be great information. In the meanwhile, the silver dragons have appeared on the beta server. Probably the programmers can reverse the adjustment.

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The designers have actually decided that the typical uncommon opponents are no longer deserving sufficient to use a silver kite to be enabled to use their portrait. In the eyes of several players, the uncommon challengers are devalued. Nevertheless, the elite rares can keep their golden dragons. The Add-on Rare Dragon, created by Been, has only one purpose, and also it does it in perfection. You can download and install Rare Dragon on all usual platforms for WoW Add-ons.

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