Funky cult, HONEY, I JOINED A CULT official release!

Team17 has released the official version of the cult of the cult, Honey, I JOINED A Cult developed by Sole Survivor Games.

This work, which has been conducting early access since 2021, is a simulation game that establishes and operates a cult in the 1970s. You must do a variety of tasks, such as the arrangement and decoration of the room, the customization of the guru and the shrine, the recruitment and care of believers, the deal with journalists and government agencies, and collecting funds.

Updates to version 1.0 include interactive police attacks and protests, difficulty selection systems, help manuals, carpet systems, Steam cards and achievements, as well as new in-game content, customization system, balance. It is said that adjustments and improvement of QOL are being made.

Honey, HONEY, I JOINED A Cult is being distributed at Steam for a regular price of 2,199 yen (33 % off until November 11) is applied. The players who purchased this work by November 10 local time will be based on TEAM17 publications such as The Escapists, The Survivalists, Worms series, Blasphemous, YOOKA-LAYLEEE, and MARITA BOY. It is said that a free DLC that can use the decorative items will be provided.


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